Other services

Make-up for advertising agencies, film, TV, stage, catwalk

Either I can do the make-up exactly according to your requirements or, if you give me “a free hand”, I will find for you the right make-up, which captures your idea and vision.


Colour typology

Did you know that you can look younger, slimmer and more beautiful in your face only by choosing the right colours to wear? Together we will find the appropriate colour, saturation and brightness that will emphasize your assets and avoid drawing attention to your weaker features. You are not limited in the choice of colours, you can wear all colours. Do you want to have a green dress? I will show you, which precise green colour you can have and fits you best. Half of the job is already done by choosing the right colour shade even without wearing make-up. And with the suitable make-up you will look perfect. You will make sure that colours are very important and that we can almost conjure with them. Let’s make a best of their magic to your profit!


Fashion jewellery manufacturing

Are you happy that you have finally found your right wedding dress or ball gown, but you haven’t found the perfect accessories? You cannot find the right colour, it does not fit the style or you have found the necklace but you need earrings and the bracelet? Don’t despair!. Just for you and the given occasion I will design and make the necklace, earrings or bracelet of your choice that will match your outfit and make the perfect complement.“



Andrea Krpejšová - make-up artist
Do you want to feel special, unique and beautiful while staying yourself?